MSE IT Services

Critical AirCon Issue in the MSE data centre.

UPDATE: 12:30pm Thursday 16th of January 2020

All servers within the MSE IT Data Center have been turned ON. Please report any issues through


At ~2pm on the 15th January 2020 the MSE Data Centre lost power to the air conditioning units. MSE IT has been forced to perform an emergency shutdown/stop to all servers in the MSE DC.

General IT Services

MSE can help with many of your IT needs. We may already have a solution in place

Unix Gateway

MSE has had a Unix Gateway for decades. It is accessable directly from the internet. Ask us for an account and experience the joy of reading youe email in PINE, like it was 1995.

Project Support and Advice

MSE IT can provide you with direct project support. We can lend you experts to get your project off the ground, provide technical advice and help with training your team to use UoM computational resources.

Hosting and VMs

MSE IT Services can host your research servers in our secure, managed data centre. We can manage the systems if you wish. We can do OS installation and configuration for your machine and will help you with any problems, even if you are managing your own machine.

We can do all that on a custom VM for you too

We understand linux

We can help with your linux question and provide linux desktop support for the UoM Linux SOE, available for order on MSE standard desktop computers.

Technical Support

We can help with the technical aspect of your projects, advise on IT equipment, get quotes and order it.