MSE IT Services

MSE IT Services are introducing a change freeze to its services. Due to limited physical access to MSE IT facilities, we need to preserve our infrastructure in a robust form. We are unable to add new hardware to expand capacity and have limited ability to perform anything other than critical maintenance and changes until further notice.

Argali - HPC Cluster

Argali is a cpu based High Performance Computation cluster that is available to all MSE researchers.

For instructions on getting started with Argali.

This is a small HPC cluster administered by MSE IT Services. It is particularly useful for researchers with a need for large ammounts of RAM requirement or special requirement not met by other services. Contact MSE IT Services if you want to use this service or need help with your jobs. Currently Argali has:

  • six 28 core nodes with 768gb RAM each
  • two 28 core nodes with 1tb RAM each
  • eleven 28 core nodes with 94gb RAM each
  • seven 28 core nodes with 1.5tb RAM each
  • 40gb/s ethernet interconnect

You can see the current status of Argali and its current physical information.

Researchers are also invited to purchase private nodes for this cluster. Argali nodes 06 and 07 are privately owned and can only be used by their owners.

Citing or acknowledging Argali in a publication

If you used Argali to obtain results for publication, we would appreciate it if you would place the following citation in the acknowledgement section of your publication.

  • This research was undertaken using the Argali HPC Service provided by the Melbourne School of Engineering at the University of Melbourne.