MSE IT Services

MSE IT Services are introducing a change freeze to its services. Due to limited physical access to MSE IT facilities, we need to preserve our infrastructure in a robust form. We are unable to add new hardware to expand capacity and have limited ability to perform anything other than critical maintenance and changes until further notice.

Virtual Workstations (VDI)

MSE IT can provide MSE Researchers with a Virtualised Workstation based on VMWare's Horizon technology.

For instructions on getting started with your Virtual Workstation, click here.

Using the horizon client, a user can have a remote desktop experience that is as good as using a local computer*. This technology is good for CAD and other design applications, computation jobs that are too intensive for a laptop and small CUDA jobs.

Our standard VDI workstation has the following specs:

  • Win10/Ubuntu 18.04. Please note that Horizon technology is more mature in the Windows environment.
  • eight 3ghz Xeon cores
  • 24gb ram
  • guaranteed access to a minimum of 3gb physical video ram
  • 700gb HDD
  • full system snapsots on request
  • located in a fully supported Data Centre, so there are no sudden power outages
  • available via VPN from outside the Uni network, though a good NBN connection is recommended
  • specialist builds are available subject to resource availability

Research groups may purchase their own VDI host servers if they wish to garauntee their researchers a certail level of access or specialised resources.

NOTE: VDI machines are a shared resource and will only be granted for specifically requested period of time. VDI machines that are unused will be reclaimed and the resources made available to other researchers. VDI machines can be snapshotted and archived.

*We tested this with Call of Duty