FEIT IT Services

FEIT IT Services has been transferred to Business Services. For any IT support, please submit your request at https://unimelb.service-now.com/it, or call x40888.

Virtual Servers

FEIT IT can provide FEIT Researchers with a Virtual Server for research and teaching purposes.

FEIT IT virtual servers are well suited for basic server tasks like web servers right the way through to some HPC workloads. Our virtial machines are used for LAMP services, running software servers for applications like OpenFOAM and Confluence, database servers and software development. They are not suitable for graphics based work such as CAD applications or very large HPC jobs. For that work, FEIT IT provides Virtual Workstations (VDI) or a HPC cluster.

Our very basic virtual server, suitable for a simple web server, has the following specs:

  • Ubuntu 18.04.
  • 1 virtual core
  • 4gb ram
  • 10gb HDD
  • regular system snapsots on request
  • located in a fully supported Data Centre, so there are no sudden power outages
  • available via VPN from outside the Uni network

All the system specs can be varied. We have served Virtual Servers with upto 48 cores and 128gb RAM.

NOTE: Virtual Servers are a shared resource and will only be granted for specifically requested period of time. Virtual Servers that are unused will be reclaimed and the resources made available to other users. Virtual Servers can be snapshotted and archived.