FEIT IT Services

FEIT IT Services has been transferred to Business Services. For any IT support, please submit your request at https://unimelb.service-now.com/it, or call x40888.

Shared Network Storage

FEIT IT has a large storage cluster for the use of FEIT research staff and students.

All FEIT provided storage is configured to work with Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix clients and servers.

Student Home Drive

All students enrolled in FEIT subjects receive a home drive (~1.5GB). This home drive is intended to store the system settings required for the proper working of much of FEIT’s software installed in computer labs and unix servers. It also provides a small amount of permenant space for student documents. It is the responsibility of students to ensure their data is backed up.

Home Drive

All staff receive 50GB of personal storage for research purposes. A 50GB Home Drive can be provisioned for Research Students and visitors at their supervisor’s request. Your storage can be found here:

  • Windows: \\silo.eng.unimelb.edu.au\YourUserName
  • Mac or Linux: smb://silo.eng.unimelb.edu.au/YourUserName

Work Group Drive

FEIT IT can provision shared server space for research groups upon request. By default, this storage is not replicated or backed up by FEIT IT Services. Backup or replication can be organised where appropriate. Your groups storage can be found here:

  • Windows: \\silo.eng.unimelb.edu.au\Path\To\YourShare
  • Mac or Linux: smb://silo.eng.unimelb.edu.au/Path/To/YourShare

Transient/Scratch Space

This storage is designed for large volumes of non-critical data for short periods of time. Examples would include temporary data, intermediary simulation data and so forth.

  • Storage Fair Use Policy

    FEIT IT Services runs a large storage cluster with approximately over 1 PB of useable space. As this is a resource that is shared by all staff, FEIT IT reserves the right to ensure that space is used as efficiently as possible.

    Share Creation

    When creating shares, FEIT IT Services will ask how much space you require immediately and what the likely final space requirement will be. We will provision your immediate requirements and either "thin provision" the remaining amount or ask that you submit a request when you need more space. Extending storage space is a simple task so it is better for all FEIT researchers if you keep a storage request modest and realistic.


    Active Disk Usage Monitoring

    FEIT IT Services will actively monitor disk space utilization for all shares on its storage. Shares that have significant free space will have their owners notified and their quota automatically reduced to more accurately reflect their usage. This is not a punitive action and quotas can be easily increased again by contacting FEIT IT Services.


    Share owners will be asked to nominate an approximate date after which their share will no longer be used. FEIT IT Services will contact you around your nominated end date to determine the future of the share or commence your archive plan. Most research shares should have a data plan in place to guide this process.


    Shares that our active monitoring indicate may have fallen from use will have ther owners contacted. After this may be set to read only and/or have an archive plan created.

    Shares that have never been used may be removed at the discretion of FEIT IT. Users may re-apply for the space.

    Replication and Backup

    FEIT IT Services provides a replication and backup services.


    All FEIT Research Home drives and business critical shares are replicated to the FEIT Data Centre. Research groups can ask to have their group shares replicated subject to available space and criticality.


    FEIT IT Services uses Infrastructure Services' Commvault service to back up business critical services and infrastructure. Research groups can ask for their data to be protected or archived with this service.