MSE IT Services

MSE IT Services are introducing a change freeze to its services. Due to limited physical access to MSE IT facilities, we need to preserve our infrastructure in a robust form. We are unable to add new hardware to expand capacity and have limited ability to perform anything other than critical maintenance and changes until further notice.

Web Services

MSE IT has a wide variety of web services for MSE Researchers and staff.


MSE can provide advice on SharePoint use at the University. We can also work with you to design and manage SharePoint sites for your group's use.

Conference Web Sites

This service is managed by the MSE Marketing Team and is intended as a place to advertise and archive information about conferences.

Image Galleries

Managed by the MSE Marketing Team, this service is a simple means of displaying collections of images and photos.

Personal Web Pages - MyWebPages


This service is a simple web service for staff only. Web sites are maintained by the staff staff and must be static pages.

  • MyWebPages how to

    You must have at least an index.html, index.php or index.shtml file as your "home" page or you will get a "forbidden error".

    Your web page can be seen at

    You can edit your web pages by mounting your MyWebPages shared drive.

    • Windows: \\\mywebpages
    • Mac or Linux: smb://

    When prompted, Mac users may need to supply their user name in as "unimelb\UserName" or "".

    MSE IT Services maintains the right to remove sites that have been abandoned or contravene University regulations.

Project and Group Web Pages

MSE IT services provide a hosting service for project and other group websites. The web sites are entirely created and maintained by the requesting group. The hosting services consists of a full LAMP stack and the underlying system is maintained by MSE IT Services.

Unsupported, forgotten or unsuitable websites will be reviewed and removed on a periodic basis.

All project web sites must use the University look and feel (branding). See for more details

Software repositories

MSE IT Services offers a free managed svn and git services that is available for MSE staff.

Public repositories can also be created on this server.

In line with MSE IT Services guidelines, access to private repositories requires University credentials. We can help you migrate existing repositories to our hosted environment.

MSE IT also supports a more fully featured Git Lab service for teaching purposes