FEIT IT Services

FEIT IT Services has been transferred to Business Services. For any IT support, please submit your request at https://unimelb.service-now.com/it, or call x40888.

FEIT Student General Access UNIX Servers

FEIT IT Services maintains general access UNIX servers for use by students where they are required for Engineering coursework. Their purpose is to support both teaching and learning for Computer Science related subjects.

Quick Tips for Access:

  • Are you enrolled in a COMP or SWEN subject that allows access?
  • Have you logged into an Engineering Lab computer at least once or created your account online here.
  • Are you on campus or connected via VPN? Direct access from the Internet is not permitted.

If you are enrolled in any subject beginning with COMP, SWEN or the subject ENGR10003 you are entitled to access and your account will be provisioned automatically.

If you are not enrolled in one of the above subjects, but you would still like an account, please contact FEIT IT Services and we'll consider your request (please include supporting information from your lecturer).


Currently there are two hosts available for use :

  • dimefox.eng.unimelb.edu.au
  • nutmeg.eng.unimelb.edu.au

A third host is available for specific subjects requiring some form of direct Internet access (such as COMP30023, COMP90014, COMP90016). Your lecturer or demonstrator will advise if you are allowed and required to use this host:

  • digitalis.eng.unimelb.edu.au

Should system performance become an issue, please contact FEIT IT Services for assessment and system resources may be increased if required.

Access and Availability

Students accounts on these systems are provisioned automatically, but there are some things that may cause a delay - for undergraduate students, you need to have created an FEIT Student Computer Account. You can do this either by:

Shell access is available via SecureSHell (SSH), and a full desktop environment is available via XDMCP. You can of course also tunnel X11 apps over SSH, this is often times simpler for single applications.

The hosts are available from anywhere within the university network. If you want to connect from the Internet, you'll need to make use of the university's VPN service.

Access from the hosts to the Internet must be made via the university's web proxy service at proxy.unimelb.edu.au:8000. For example, a proxy setting in your shell: $ export http_proxy=proxy.unimelb.edu.au:8000. Direct connection to the Internet using protocols or applications that are not proxy-aware will not be possible unless you are using the digitalis server.

Home directories will be provided by FEIT IT Services, student homes are mounted from Engineering’s storage servers. Whilst all precautions are taken, students should take responsibility to ensure important work is backed up.

Home Directories

These systems automatically mount your Engineering Home Directory.

Software and Setup

FEIT IT Services has deployed these systems for teaching and learning based on subject requirements. They include numerous development tools, compilers, debuggers and supporting tools for various languages. In addition, there are a few desktop apps available for those who wish to try them.

Building your own software is permitted and if you find something missing that you feel should be made available system-wide, please don't hesitate to contact FEIT IT Services and request that we install it. Packages that are available via Red Hat Network can be deployed very quickly, if you need something a bit more esoteric, we'll do our best to accommodate.

Because your home directory is created before your UNIX account, we don't copy the system skeleton files. On your first login, you might like to copy these if you don't already have them, e.g. $ cp -i /etc/skel/.* ~/ then logout and login again.


FEIT IT Services reserve the right to revoke access to these systems at our discretion.