MSE IT Services

MSE IT Services are introducing a change freeze to its services. Due to limited physical access to MSE IT facilities, we need to preserve our infrastructure in a robust form. We are unable to add new hardware to expand capacity and have limited ability to perform anything other than critical maintenance and changes until further notice.

Software for MSE Students

Whist you are enrolled, MSE students at the University have access to course related software that you can install on your personal computers.

  • Software, such as SPSS and Endnote, is available for staff and students to purchase at a discount. See KBA KB0012501 for more more details and instructions.
  • Microsoft Office 365 - See this link for details:
  • Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching for STEM students. Includes microsoft development tools and many other useful microsoft software. Please click on this link to access it! (UOM login required).
  • Matlab - Students can find more information about MatLab here. MatLab can be accessed several ways:
    • Via myUniApps
    • download and install it from mathworks using the campus license. After registering, they will send instructions.
    • MatLab is also installed on the University's Spartan HPC service
  • SolidWorks - We have a maximum of 3000 users, so unless you actually need the software, please do not download it! Download the installation instructions. Warning! This software can only be used for course work and MUST NOT be used for research purposes! Research students are advised to investigate using AutoDesk Inventor instead.
  • AutoDesk Products -
  • Aspen - Aspen Tech install DVDs are available from the Eastern Resource Centre. Please follow the Aspen Tech installation guide to installing the software. MSE-Aspen_Tech_installation.pdf
  • ANSYS Student Edition -
  • Labview - National Instruments software can be downloaded and installed on your personal computers by following the instructions in this pdf - UoMLabviewStudent_install_info2017.pdf

MSE IT Services suggests the following Open Source products as free alternatives to Adobe products.