MSE IT Services

MSE IT Services are introducing a change freeze to its services. Due to limited physical access to MSE IT facilities, we need to preserve our infrastructure in a robust form. We are unable to add new hardware to expand capacity and have limited ability to perform anything other than critical maintenance and changes until further notice.

High Performance Computing for Teaching at MSE

MSE teachers have a wide variety of High Performance Computing options.

MSE commissions hardware on the Spartan HPC reserved specifically for MSE teaching. These resources can be used for:

  • Student VMs for providing individual students with one or more personal servers for class work.
  • Conventional HPC with subject based partitions so that your students do not have to compete for time against other users
  • GPGPU HPC for parallel computing and machine learning type teaching, with private subject partitions

If you wish to use HPC resources in your teaching or ar thinking about using HPC in teaching, please contact us